The BearHeart Co is one of the perennial suppliers in the Magnet&Plastic industry with a long track records of outstanding service, prices, & diverse product lines to suit any budget. The goal of BearHeart: We build business!


Product is our soul! All through these years we help our clients develop their own brands birth from just a simple idea. Our ability to search&combine all kinds of productive&design resources in China makes us stand out from our competitors.


Quality is our culture! We carefully choose whom we work with-------only those taking the most strict QC procedures and most qualified manufacturers in China will be chosen. Resources localization is one of our key competences. We focus on every step of the production to make sure our clients get the perfect merchandise in hand.


Service is in our blood! Our well-trained customer service team takes care of you - competently and friendly in English, Spanish and French. Whether you are a private or business customer - we will try to speak your language and know your needs. Our reward is satisfied customers throughout the world.


Our top priority is to satisfy the wishes of our customers a hundred percent. This customer focus and our high-quality products are the reason for our success since 2011. Do you wish to be satisfied as well? Try us.