Disk Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets

Type: Disk Samarium Cobalt Permanent Magnets
Samples: Available
MOQ: Depending on the size of the magnet
OEM service: Yes
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Payment: PayPlal, TT, L/C
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Samarium cobalt (SmCo) is a type of rare earth magnet that has the ability to operate in high temperatures and has superior resistance to corrosion.

Similarly to many other rare earth magnets samarium cobalt is brittle and can be chipped and cracked easily making them unsuitable for applications that require repetitive direct impact to the surface of the magnet. These magnets are often best used in applications where the magnet is recessed into a hole or groove to protect the magnet from impact. This high performance, high temperature magnet is typically found in food and industrial manufacturing industries. If you would like free technical support or help choosing the right samarium cobalt magnet for your application please contact our technical sales team.

Custom shape Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) magnets can be expensive so are best supplied by special request.

Please contact us for a quotation or more information on SmCo disc magnets and SmCo rod magnets.


              Disc SmCo Magnets

SmCo is the alternative to Neodymium magnets when a more stable output over a much wider temperature range is required.

The SmCo magnets can be used from temperatures nearly as low as absolute zero (-273°C) up to +350°C. Although Neodymium magnets provide stronger fields at room temperature, SmCo starts to outperform at temperatures above +150°C.


Rare Earth Samarium Cobalt Disc Permanent Magnet

Samarium Cobalt disc magnets feature a lot of magnetic strength and reliability in various temperatures. We offer many sizes and grades suitable for a variety of manufacturing, hobby and craft applications.

The SmCo magnets are supplied unplated. We can custom produce the magnets to have a protective coating such as nickel or black epoxy (for enhanced corrosion protection) – other platings are possible. Alternative grades of SmCo magnet are also possible because we produce custom magnets.

If there is a size or shape of the SmCo ring magnet that you require which is not shown, we can look to produce it for you. We can produce diametrically magnetized SmCo rings if they are required. We can also produce double countersunk SmCo rings and double counterbore SmCo rings (in which both ends have a countersink or counterbore so they can be reversed for screwing down either pole face).

If you are in any doubt about the choice of SmCo magnet, its size or need technical assistance, please contact us. And if you need a quotation for higher quantities or a custom SmCo magnet shape, please let us know.

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