High Working Temperature SmCo Rod Magnets

Type: High Working Temperature SmCo Rod Magnets
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High Working Temperature SmCo Rod Magnets

Material: Samarium Cobalt
Shape: rod, cylinder, bar
Grade:Smco5,Sm2Co17 etc.
Magnetic properties:Hcj,Hcb,BH,Br,BHmax,working temperature.
Application:widely used in sensor,speakers,reed switches,motor,rotor,wind turbines/generators,AC/DC motors,drive motors,servo motors etc.
Magnetization directions: by Axial or by radial.

High Working Temperature SmCo Rod Magnets

    High Working Temperature SmCo Rod Magnets

The two advantages of SmCo grades versus NdFeB are the corrosion resistance and the good thermal behavior; Curie temperature is around 750  °C for Sm1Co5 and 850 °C for Sm2Co17. Furthermore, the magnetic properties decrease is rather low by increasing the temperature. SmCo grades are rather appreciated in the military and aerospace industry, as well as in the electromedical field; they should be preferred when oxidation or thermal needs become very important. Industrial applications are similar to the ones of NdFeB: sensors, loudspeakers, electric motors, instruments, switches.

High quality SmCo Rod Magnet


       Bar Rod Cylinder Precision SmCo Magnets

When magnetized through the diameter, cylinder magnets produce a field that is rounder than the field of a cylinder magnet magnetized through the length. This option is good when a larger magnetic field is required on the OD instead of the top or bottom. This can also be a great option for use as a sensor magnet or medical magnet.

Typical   Physical Properties


Curie   Temperature


Max.   Operating Temperature











Relative   Recoil Permeability

μ rec


Saturation   Field Strength





Temperature   Coefficient of Br


-0.05~   -0.19

Temperature   Coefficient of iHc


-0.05~   -0.19

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