Flexible Magnets Plain Brown Sheets

Type: Flexible Magnets Plain Brown Sheets
Size: Can Be Customized
Property: Isotropic and Anisotropic is available
Color: Plain brown, with adhesive laminate or vinyl PVC laminate
Application: Toys, Signage, Labels, Assembly devices, Advertising specialties, Crafts, Decorate Magnets, Schools etc.
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Product Details

General Information

Flexible magnets are available in strips, sheets or roll form, and can be custom cut, slit or scored to your specifications. Flexible magnet material is part of the permanent magnet family and can be bent, twisted, coiled, cut with a pair of scissors, printed, silk screened or painted on with permanent or erasable markers, and easily adhered to other items. We offer flexible magnet material in a variety of finishes and types of adhesive backing, designed to be used in either indoor or outdoor applications.


Features of Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets

Bearheart Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets are flexible ferrite magnet, one side magnetized and coated by UV oil. It can be laminated with printable films and adhesive. it can work on the metal surface, such as an iron board. 

The minimum thickness is only 0.2mm ( 8mil) and the maximum width is up to 1.52M(60''). Bearheart has different levels of magnetic material with a different energy, customers can choose standard energy (isotropic) magnets and high energy (anisotropic) magnets.

Available Size of Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets

●Thickness: 0.2~5mm (8~200mil)

●Width: up to 1524mm (60'')

●Length: 50ft/100ft/master roll

●Customzed sizes are available.

Manufacturing Methods

Extrusion: to produce materials in strip form (from about 1/4″ to 10″ wide)

Calendering: to produce materials in sheet form (up to about 24″ wide)
For both methods, the first step is to form a “compound”, which is a wet slurry of powder in the binder material.

Extrusion involves squeezing heated compound through a shaped die, cooling the shaped material as it exits the die, and magnetizing the material. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side.

Calendering involves squeezing the compound between rollers to compress and flatten it to form a sheet. The sheet is fed through sets of rollers several times until it reaches the desired thickness. It is then slit to the desired width and magnetized. The standard grade materials are only magnetic on one side.

Package of Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets

Core: 3" and 6"

1 roll in a carton box

flexible rubber magnets

Application of Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets

Flexible Magnets Plain brown sheets are the material for magnetic products,  it's a good material for fridge magnets, promotional magnets, car sign magnets and etc.

Rubber Magnet Sheet Rolls

Flexible materials are relatively easy to fabricate: they may be cut, scored, punched, slit, or die cut to shape. We are equipped to fabricate these materials to specification.

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