A4 Rubber Magnetic Sheet

Type: A4 Rubber Magnetic Sheet
Size: Can Be Customized
Property: Isotropic and Anisotropic
Color: Plain brown, with adhesive laminate or vinyl PVC laminate
Application: Toys, Signage, Labels, Assembly devices, Advertising...
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Product Details

A4 Rubber Magnetic Sheet

A4 Magnetic colored sheets can be easily cut to any size or shape or simply be used to make color-coded magnetic signs.

Ideal for any arts & crafts, making of signs and fridge magnets, metal dies.

Easy to cut to required size/shape due to its flexibility and thickness. Quality PVC gloss finish.

Rubber Magnets / Flexible magnets are made by consolidating Strontium or Barium ferrite powder with the polymer matrix. Form in profiles, strip, and sheets by extrusion/calendaring method.

Colorful A4 Rubber Magnet Sheet

         Color-coded A4 Rubber Magnetic Sheet

Features of color PVC flexible magnetic sheet:

1. Products can be stamped, slit, punched & laminated

2. Good demagnetization resistance & reasonable resistance to chemical agents.

3. Material is readily available & low in cost.
4. Applications: It can be mainly used in magnetic attraction devices for the refrigerator, disinfector, furniture door, articles for culture and education, advertising signs, stepping motors, electronic equipment, magnetic therapy apparatus, and sensors.
5. Material: Color flexible magnetic sheets

A4 Rubber Magnet Sheet

                  Rubber Magnetic Rubber

Sheets are available in 10 different colors. Each sheet has a premium dry-erase finish on the front side of the sheet. Cut the sheets into shapes or smaller pieces with sharp scissors or a paper cutter. The colored dry erase magnets are great for restaurants, offices, classrooms, factories, at home and more. Each sheet has .5″ rounded corners.

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