Adhesive Rubber Magnet Tapes

Type: Adhesive Rubber Magnet Tapes
Size: Can Be Customized
Property: Isotropic and Anisotropic
Color: Plain brown, with adhesive laminate or vinyl PVC laminate
Application: Toys, Signage, Labels, Assembly devices, Advertising...
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Adhesive Rubber magnetic tapes are mainly used as a connector. With adhesive backing, non-magnetic objects can be fixed onto the surface that allows magnets. For example, attach a rubber magnetic tape onto the surface of the refrigerator, then you can attach a paper onto the refrigerator easily, and it easily removed without any mark when it not used. Compared with traditional tape, rubber magnetic tapes are more environmental.

Soft Rubber Magnetic Tape


          Adhesive Rubber Magnet Square

Magnetic tape is an exceptionally popular method of temporary fixing. Self-adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other, our tape is ideal for exhibition, point of sale work, identification purposes, and domestic use. We hold magnetic tape in various widths and thicknesses all offering individual properties.

self Adhesive Flexible Magnetic Strip Rubber Magnet Tape width 50mm thickness 1.5mm

       Self Adhesive Rubber Magnetic Tape

Rubber magnetic tapes are extruded rubber magnetic strips. They are magnetized only on one side, and multi-poles magnetized across the width, there is no magnetism on the opposite surface. With the magnetism on the magnetized surface, rubber magnetic tapes can attract onto any ferromagnetic steel and any object made of magnetic permeability material easily, such as refrigerator and whiteboard.

Self Adhesive Magnetic Tape & Strips
We offer a wide range of Magnetic Tape with a self-adhesive feature, ideal for creating a magnetic surface in your shop, warehouse, office or home where there wasn’t one previously. This flexible tape magnet uses a high-quality adhesive on the back so you can attach it to any non-magnetic surface. Self-adhesive magnet tape is very popular within the merchandising and retail industries to display printed material such as posters, signs, banners, graphics, artwork or photographs.

Soft Rubber Magnetic Tape For windows or doorsAdhesive Flexible Soft Rubber Magnetic Tape

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