What Factors Influence The Price Of Magnets?

- Jun 09, 2020-

1) Material cost: the higher the performance requirement, the higher the cost. For example, the price of N45 is far higher than that of N35.

2) Processing cost: The more complex the shape, the higher the processing cost; The stricter the tolerance, the higher the processing cost; The smaller the batch, the higher the processing cost.

Although magnet prices are affected by these factors, the production should not be too worried. At present, in response to the instability of market prices, the exchange will regularly announce fair market prices to promote the stability of magnet prices and the prosperity of the whole industry. Any market effect depends on the principle that when supply exceeds demand, it is inevitable that the price of the product will fall as a result of overcapacity, and the value of the product itself determines the value of the market demand.

10x2 NdFeB Small Round Magnet