Structure Of NdFeB Magnet

- Mar 20, 2019-

The NdFeB Magnet consists of an inner core and an outer cladding. The core consists of a cylindrical magnet block and a magnet piece. A good NdFeB Magnet should have a uniform spatial distribution of the magnetic induction line. The maximum magnetic induction point distribution is as full as possible. The whole NdFeB Magnet, because it is generally placed in the mobile product transmission line, NdFeB Magnet surface should have a small smooth resistance, no environmentally harmful substances, prevent pollutants and the environment.

NdFeB Magnet is mainly used to filter various fine powders and liquids, iron-containing impurities in semi-liquids and other materials with magnetic properties. It is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, food, waste recycling, carbon black, etc., and the appearance of NdFeB Magnet. The magnetic induction intensity is proportional to the minimum particle size that can be adsorbed. Small iron impurities in the fields of batteries and pharmaceuticals can also have a great influence. Therefore, NdFeB Magnet of about 12,000 Gauss is used.

NdFeB Magnet can be used in other areas. The NdFeB Magnet has some irreversible loss of internal magnetic energy during the process of contact with the fluid. When the loss exceeds the initial strength by 30% or the outer surface of the iron sheet, the stainless steel steel tube wears and breaks. At this time, it is necessary to replace the NdFeB Magnet, and the NdFeB Magnet that leaks the magnet can not continue to work. The magnet is generally brittle, and the surface is also coated with some oil, which is relatively polluting to the environment.

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