NdFeB Magnet Common Faults And Treatment Methods

- Mar 11, 2019-

NdFeB Magnet is rarely seen in life, because they are mainly used in sensors, meters, military, automotive and many other fields, mainly inside the instrument, so most people rarely see it. NdFeB Magnet is mainly synthesized from several kinds of hard metal and has certain magnetic properties. Of course, the magnetic properties of NdFeB Magnet depend on its metal composition. Fields that are not used have different strength requirements for magnetism. NdFeB Magnet has outstanding resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. Of course, in the process of use, NdFeB Magnet will inevitably fail, and as long as the correct processing method is mastered, the loss can be minimized. The following small series introduces the common causes of failure of NdFeB Magnet.

1. Leaking the car, the indicator light of the NdFeB Magnet board is on for a long time.

Most of the reasons for this are caused by large disturbances. The special outdoor environment causes interference to the equipment and causes abnormal equipment. In this case, first check whether the pipeline insulation within the distance between the equipment and the track edge is good, and the threshold voltage can be appropriately increased according to the actual situation.

2, a small amount of phenomenon

Generally, this phenomenon is mainly due to the multi-axis of the NdFeB Magnet, and the wheelbase is not correct, resulting in an error in judgment. First of all, check the installation size of NdFeB Magnet is wrong, and the system judgment is wrong. If not every day, then most of the reason is the multi-axis and the missing axis.


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