Micro-special Motor In The Field Of Automotive Electronics Accomplish Much

- Aug 20, 2019-

Automobile electronization is considered as a revolution in the development of automobile technology. The degree of automobile electronization is regarded as an important symbol to measure the level of modern automobiles and the most important technical measure to develop new models and improve automobile performance.Automobile manufacturers believe that increasing the number of automotive electronic equipment and promoting electronic vehicle is an effective means to seize the importance of the future automobile market.

With the rapid development of automotive electronics industry, it also provides a promising development space for micro motor products used in automobiles.Our country regards the automobile industry as the pillar industry, develops rapidly, at the same time, the global purchasing trend of automobile electronic parts is strengthened, so this article mainly introduces the important role of micro motor in automobile environmental protection, energy saving, comfort and other aspects, in order to arouse the attention of Chinese micro motor enterprises to the automobile electronics market at home and abroad.

Environmentally friendly electric cars

In order to protect the environment and save the increasingly poor oil resources, all the automobile manufacturers in the world attach great importance to the development and commercialization of electric vehicles. In particular, the world famous automobile companies spend a huge amount of money and concentrate their manpower to accelerate the development of all kinds of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles mainly include pure electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles.Pure electric cars have been in development since the 1970s, but battery life is the Achilles heel.On the basis of sacrificing some environmental protection interests, hybrid electric vehicles can basically meet people's requirements for cars. However, two sets of systems (battery motor/internal combustion engine) are installed on the car that is originally equipped with only one system at the same time, which increases the weight of the car itself and at the same time increases the requirements of overall technology, control and other aspects.At present, hybrid electric vehicles have been commercialized, and the industrial development of fuel cell electric vehicles will be completed, but no matter which kind of electric vehicles, they are all electric motor driven power system.Therefore, both at home and abroad attach great importance to the research and development of drive motor and its control system.

Second, energy-saving electric power

Without power steering, steering is easy at high speeds, but hard at slow turns.The newly adopted electric power steering system replaces the traditional hydraulic power steering system, which makes driving safer and energy saving.

Vehicle power steering system is generally composed of body and hydraulic power cylinder hydraulic power steering system, in order to ensure the system to work reliably, always put a small load on the engine, even when there is no need for power steering, this small load will be put on the engine.At present, we are developing and starting to use the contactless rotary transformer to replace the valve body and the servo motor to replace the hydraulic power cylinder of the vehicle's electric moped steering system. It only needs to absorb electric energy when power steering is needed, and can save 3-5% energy compared with the former.At the same time, electric power steering system also has the advantages of simple mechanical structure, high reliability, good sense of road, sensitive response, improve the safety of the car.Precision servomotor and contactless rotary transformer are the core parts of the steering system of the vehicle electric booster. The precision servomotor can choose brushless dc servomotor or brushless dc servomotor.

Comfortable electric drive

In order to improve the comfort of the car, expand the value added space.In the past, the use of manual control of institutional devices, such as car door locks, Windows, seat steering, rearview mirror, wipers and other subsystems, can be manually operated mechanical devices to motor drive, gradually achieve the electromechanical integration of car control devices.

The motor drive of micro motor is mainly distributed in the engine, chassis, body parts and accessories of the car, and will gradually become the power system of the car.

A.Application on automobile engine parts: it is mainly used in automobile starter, electric injection control system, engine radiator and generator.Several dc motors are used in these components.

B.Application on automobile chassis: it is mainly used in automobile electronic suspension control system, electric power steering device, automobile stability control system, automobile traveling control system, anti-lock control system and drive power control system.Among them, permanent magnet dc motor or permanent magnet stepper motor are widely used.

C.Application of car body parts: mainly in the central door lock device, electric rearview mirror, automatic lifting antenna, electric skylight, automatic headlight, electric car seat regulator, electric glass elevator, electric wiper, air conditioning system, electric electronic speedometer and other applications.Permanent magnet dc motor and permanent magnet stepper motor are widely used.

D.The application of automobile accessories: mainly in vacuum cleaner, inflator, air pump, polishing machine, electric chair massager and other devices.

To sum up, with the wide application of electronic technology in automobiles, micro-motor will be more widely applied in automobiles.Such as information system, navigation system, car audio system, TV entertainment system, car communication system, Internet system, the number of its micro motor applications also increased.Micro special motor is one of the key parts of the car. Every economical car is equipped with about 30 micro special motors, luxury cars with at least 50 micro special motors, luxury cars with nearly 100 micro special motors.

The era of automobile electronization has come, the automobile has broken through the traditional concept of only as a means of transportation. With the change of people's consumption concept, the electronic, networked, intelligent, energy-saving and high-grade cars will become the new favorite in the market.Micro - special motor in the field of automotive electronics will be a great success.