Future Market And Direction Of Permanent Strong Magnet

- Aug 26, 2019-

Permanent magnet with strong magnet brushless motor relationship is like a person, permanent magnet powerful magnets like a person's heart, brushless motor drive like people's nerves, control of the brushless motor, so from the perspective of the structure of brushless motor, important parts is permanent magnet powerful magnets and drive controller. 


At present, most motor manufacturers use ndfeb magnet as motor motor magnet, using ndfeb magnet as motor magnet permanent magnet size is small, light weight, torque - inertia ratio is high, servo system response is high, power and rate/weight ratio is high, start torque is high, save electricity.A few motor manufacturers also use samarium cobalt and permanent magnet ferrite as motor magnets. 


Motor motor magnet shape is mostly tile, ring or trapezoid, can be used in different motor motor, such as permanent magnet motor, ac motor, dc motor, linear motor, brushless motor and so on. 

People usually use magnetic attraction and repulsive force to drive, will generally choose radial symmetry magnetizing tile magnet to spell into a ring, sintered ndfeb is anisotropic material, can not be a molding customers want a slightly complex magnetization direction.At present, there are also manufacturers can do sintered ndfeb magnet radiative magnetization, but there are many restrictions on the size of the brand, and magnetic properties are very unstable, very bad consistency, and is very expensive mold coil and magnetizing fixture, so few manufacturers will choose it.

At present, the wheel is domestic or foreign, motor motor magnet demand is very large, magnet is its core component, in micro special motor, small and medium-sized motor and large generator, many use ndfeb permanent magnet material. 

I believe that the future for a long period of time, the industry with strong magnet market demand will continue to maintain a rapid growth trend, worth looking forward to