Introduction Of Sensor Magnet Function

- Oct 09, 2020-

A sensor is a detection device that is widely used in many industries such as the automobile industry, communication electronics, and industrial automation. It is composed of permanent magnets, detection gears, internal gears, etc., forming a closed detection magnetic field loop. When the detection gear rotates with the axis of the sensor, the magnetic flux changes, and an induced voltage whose frequency changes in proportion to the magnetic flux is established at both ends of the coil. The magnetic flux fluctuates with the frequency f=rotation speed (r/min)√ónumber of teeth/60 (Hz) and is output as the speed signal of the sensor.


Which sensors mainly need magnets?

Non-contact sensors need to use magnetic materials, such as Hall sensors, inductive sensors, etc., which work with magnets to detect the size of the magnetic field, or use this principle to add magnetic materials to the sensor to detect ferromagnetism. material.