Improvement Of NdFeB Production Equipment And Methods

- Apr 28, 2019-

NdFeB barrel plating has many problems with automatic wire. Now we only propose the following improvement measures for cross-contamination of each plating solution.

1) Achieve full water washing.

When the manual line conversion plating is changed, the roller can be completely solved, and the automatic line can be replaced halfway, which is easy to cross-contamination.

Therefore, the automatic line production should achieve full water washing. Each time the conversion plating is carried out, the four-stage counter-current rinsing after two-stage recovery is adopted. Each stage of the water washing process should be washed three times or more, and each time the drum is rotated more than three times in the cleaning tank.

The cleaning water needs to be precisely filtered, and the pure water effect is better. A nickel ion recovery unit is added to the nickel recovery tank to reduce the rate at which nickel ions rise.

2) Select a process that is more suitable for automatic lines to solve the problem of cross-contamination of nickel and copper solutions.

For example, the pre-nickel plating adopts a low concentration process to reduce the viscosity and reduce the amount of take-out, which is beneficial to the cleaning effect of the water washing step; the copper plating adopts a novel cyanide-free alkaline copper plating process, the copper ion concentration is low, the solution viscosity is low, and the carrying out is small. Conducive to washing.

3) Each plating type increases the online continuous electrolysis purification step, and cross-contamination which is difficult to avoid in production is passed through the purification device to realize self-maintenance of the solution and maintain the quality of the solution.

For example, next to the copper plating and nickel plating tanks, a circulating electrolysis purification tank is added, and the continuous low-current electrolysis purification solution is continuously provided for 24 hours.