Future NdFeB Magnet Industry Development Trend

- Mar 19, 2019-

China's rare earth NdFeB Magnet industry is developing rapidly and its technical level is constantly improving. Domestic rare earth NdFeB Magnet enterprises continue to increase in production scale and product quality in order to obtain greater investment income. However, affected by many factors such as the international financial crisis, external policy environment, and upstream and downstream demand of the industry, the market conditions, and price trends of the rare earth NdFeB Magnet industry in the next few years have received much attention.

According to "2001-2011 China and the world sintered NdFeB Magnet magnet production growth table" and "NdFeB Magnet demand analysis table", although NdFeB Magnet downstream demand temporarily faces downside risks, but in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, emerging areas The demand for NdFeB Magnet magnetic materials will continue to maintain high growth, the industry's future development prospects are still good, and NdFeB Magnet demand will continue to be strong.

Although the prospects are good, there are some problems in the development of the NdFeB Magnet industry, which is also a must for the relevant industries and industry. The National Twelfth Five-Year Plan pointed out that the rare earth industry insists on controlling the total amount and optimizing the stock, accelerating the implementation of the strategy of large enterprise group, actively promoting technological innovation, upgrading the level of mining, smelting and application technology, eliminating backward production capacity, and further increasing the concentration of rare earth industry. Form a sustainable development pattern of rare earth industry with rational development, orderly production, efficient use, advanced technology, and intensive development.

Under the adjustment of national policies, the NdFeB Magnet industry will also form corresponding development trends: for example, resource integration, NdFeB Magnet production process and technical equipment improvement, industrial strategic planning, brand optimization and integration, industry segmentation and specialization.

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