China's Rare Earth Industry Association Is Speaking Out At A Sensitive Time

- Aug 16, 2019-

The secretariat of the China rare earth industry association held a special working meeting, pointing out that enterprises in the rare earth industry should deeply understand the particularity of rare earth products exported, scientifically grasp the initiative in foreign trade, effectively prevent risks and reduce losses.

Reuters reported on August 7 that a press release published on the official website of China rare earth industry association on August 7 said that China should actively participate in the "One Belt And One Road" construction with the purpose of "extensive consultation, joint contribution and sharing", adjust its structure, expand its opening-up and actively expand overseas markets.We will firmly rely on scientific and technological innovation, continue to advance supply-side structural reform, better serve domestic demand, and further expand the domestic market.Maintaining China's strategic position in the world.


The meeting also conducted in-depth analysis and discussion on the impact of the current trade friction between China and the United States on China's rare earth industry, industries and enterprises, as well as how to actively respond to the rare earth industry, industries and enterprises, the report said.

'rare earth is an important strategic resource whose characteristics determine its important USES,' the press release said. 'it is important to have a deep understanding of China's advantages in rare earth resources, rare earth smelting and separation, rare earth functional materials and other aspects formed through years of unremitting efforts.'

Rare earth elements are used in everything from iphones to electric car motors to fighter jet engines, satellites and lasers, the report said.