Causes And Avoidance Of Rust Spots In NdFeB Magnet

- Mar 09, 2019-

After a period of time, NdFeB Magnet will appear white or other color spots on the surface, and it will become rust spots when it develops slowly. Under normal circumstances, the plating of NdFeB Magnet plating is not easy to appear rust spots. The reasons for rust spots are generally the following:

1. NdFeB Magnet is stored in a place with humidity, poor air circulation and temperature difference;

2. The dirt on the surface of NdFeB Magnet before plating is not well cleaned;

3. Insufficient time for plating or process flow problems;

4. NdFeB Magnet oxidation caused by breakage of NdFeB Magnet packaging seal;

NdFeB Magnet qualified plating products, under normal circumstances, NdFeB Magnet plating surface should not appear rust spots. NdFeB Magnet should avoid the following storage methods:

In places that are too humid and have poor air circulation; when the temperature difference changes greatly, even if the salt spray test product is stored in a harsh environment for a long time, rust spots may occur. When the electroplating product is stored in a harsh environment, the base layer further reacts with the condensed water, which causes the adhesion between the base layer and the plating layer to decrease, and in the severe case, the base layer is partially pulverized, thereby naturally peeling. Electroplated products should not be placed in high humidity for long periods of time and should be placed in a cool, dry place.

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