Rare Earth Neodymium Ring Magnets

Type: Rare Earth Neodymium Ring Magnets
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Rare Earth Neodymium Ring Magnets

Our professional team, advanced equipment, and well-trained QC staff make NdFeB magnets and neodymium magnets have a very high qualified rate of low deviation angle. It depends on the dimensions and requirements. Low deviation angle product was mostly used in sensor application with big requirement and huge quantity. In order to meet the requirement of clients, we worked together with a test equipment company to research and develop a full-automatic deviation angle tester, which can be bought and used to inspect magnets in past years, it ensures our shipping product 100% qualified.

Ring magnet neodymium magent


       Neodymium Ring Strong Magnets

NdFeB had the best performance among the rare-earth permanent magnets. It is the alloy magnet of Neodymium(Nd), Iron(FE), Boron(B), and some other microelements, produced through the Powder Metallurgy technology.NdFeB is called the "king of magnet" due to its strong powder(high residual induction, coercive force, and energy product), competitive price, and great machinability.

By special dealing process, it can be made into different shapes with different performance grades request by customers such as blocks, rings, discs, arcs under some special surface treating of Zinc, Ni-Cu-Ni, and Epoxy.

The Neodymium magnets and especially NdFeB magnets are most often used with generators and motors, such as Linear or Servo motors, Wind power generators, Compressor motors, Automotive drive motors, Instrumentation, Automotive sensors, Medical equipment, Audio equipment, Home theater, Wind turbines or even Magnetic tools, etc.


Radial oriented ring magnet:

Ring magnet magnetized in the radial direction is developed successfully which is using shaping method by new multiple radiation orientation, and meet different requirements of permanent motors.



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