NdFeB Countersunk Magnet

Type: NdFeB Countersunk Magnet
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Ideal for furniture fixings, hanging artwork and keeping doors and drawers closed, NdFeB countersunk magnets have a central hole that allows them to be fixed to non-magnetic surfaces with a screw.

Neodymium Countersunk Magnet

                  Neodymium Countersunk Magnet

Neodymium Magnets with Countersunk Holes N35, N36, N42, N45, N50 & N52 A Countersunk hole in a magnet provides a convenient way to fix the magnet onto a surface securely using a matching screw. Most often there is a question about which polarity do I need for my application. The rule is if you use this magnet to attract to a steel surface, you can simply choose no preference.

NdFeB magnet with Countersunk Hole


          Round NdFeB Magnet with Countersunk Hole

Neodymium iron boron countersunk head hole magnet, also known as countersunk hole magnet, countersunk hole strong magnet. The size of the countersunk hole magnet is generally expressed by large D, diameter of D1 countersunk hole, inner diameter of straight hole by D2 and thickness (height) by H.

For better service and quotation, please send the drawing and mark the data.

drawing of cuntersunk magnet


Q1: How permanent is the strength of a magnet?
A1: If a magnet is stored away from power lines, other magnets, high temperatures and other factors that adversely affect the magnet, it will retain its magnetism essentially forever.

Q2: What might affect the strength of a magnet?
A2: Heat/Radiation/Strong electrical currents in close proximity/Other magnets in close proximity to the magnet/Neo magnets will corrode in high humidity environments unless they have a protective coating.

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