N45 Radial Ring Sintered NdFeB Magnet

Type: N45 Radial Ring Sintered NdFeB Magnet
Samples: Available
MOQ: Depending on the size of magnets
OEM Service: Yes
Shiping: Air, Sea, Fast Express
Payment: PayPal, TT, L/C
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Product Details

Sintered NdFeB magnets have the highest strength but are limited to relatively simple geometries and can be brittle. They are made by pressure forming the raw materials into blocks, which then go through a complex heating process. The block is then cut to shape and coated to prevent corrosion. Sintered magnets are typically anisotropic, which means they have a preference for the direction of their magnetic field. Magnetizing a magnet against the “grain” will reduce the strength of the magnet by up to 50%. Commercially available magnets are always magnetized in the preferred direction of magnetization. Radial Oriented NdFeB Ring Magnet.



       Multi Poles Diametrically NdFeB Ring

Features: Super strong rare earth neodymium magnets – they are hard to separate once they get attracted to each other.
It’s perfect for wind generators, DIY projects, science projects, etc.
(The pull force was tested at 20 Celsius degree, on a polished iron plate with a thickness of 20 mm. The magnet was deducted vertically. A difference of up to -10% compared to the specified value is possible in exceptional cases.)


    Anisotropic sintered neodymium iron boron

Large diameter anisotropic sintered neodymium iron boron radiation ring for Motors, hub motor、generators, navigation, magnetic drives, magnetic fluid bearings, medical, magnetic suspension,maglev, magnetic gearboxes, supercapacitors, etc. 

Product Name

Ring NdFeB  magnet

Surface Plating

Nickel,Zn, Ni-Cu-Ni , Expory , Gold and so on


N33 N35 N38 N40 N42 N45 N48 N50 N52


± 0.05mm


As per customer's request


Pull Force/Holding Force


round/disc, block,Cylinder, Bar, Ring, Countersunk,custom shapes)


Thickness/ Axially/ Diametrally/
  Multi-poles/Radial Magnetized

Lead time

5-7 Working days


Express via DHL/FedEx/UPS,or by sea

Working Temp


Max. Operating Temperature


80°C (176°F)

33M- 48M

100°C (212°F)


120°C (248°F)


150°C (302°F)


180°C (356°F)


200°C (392°F)


220°C (428°F)


Neodymium(NdFeB) Magnet are widely used in many fields, such as motors, sensors, microphones, wind turbines, wind generators,   

  printer, switchboard,packing box ,  loudspeakers, magnetic separation, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, magnetic chuck ect.

Neodymium magnets are very strong. Handling them with care is necessary to prevent personal injuries, property damages, and magnet damages. It’s not a TOY! Make sure to keep the magnets are out of reach children and pets, as small magnets will pose a choking hazard.

Neodymium magnets are brittle; they can be broken or can splinter in a collision. One should wear gloves and protective glasses when handling these magnets because splinters could disengage and fly from the magnets.
Normal Neodymium magnets will lose their magnetic properties if heated above 175°F (80° C).

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