Permanent Rare Earth Arc Micro Motor Magnets

Type:Permanent Rare Earth Arc Micro Motor Magnets
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Permanent Rare Earth Arc Micro Motor Magnets

The neodymium magnet is the third generation permanent magnet which have the most extensive application in the modern industries. Neodymium magnets, or ndfeb rare earth magnets, are with amazing strong magnetic power. The neodymium is a kind of rare earth element that mainly used to compound with iron and boron. 


Main Manufacturing process of ndfeb magnets:

1.Pressing ndfeb garins: pressing process was operated in strong magnetic environment. 
2.Sintering of ndfeb blocks: sintering was processed in a vacuum furnace.
3.Wire cut: ndfeb magnet are fragile materials,usually specified dimensions was required, genneral cutting process could not reach the standard of sizes,usually cutting process had operated in wire cut machines. 
4.Grinding process: Grinding process: To reach the tolerance, a diamond polish tool is needed. 
5.Plating: Neodymium magnets had been treated with electrical plating,otherwise it will rust in the air. Platings that have been successfully applied to neodymium magnets are epoxy plating,nickel plating,NICUNI plating,zinc palting and even silver plating and gold plating. 
6.Magnetization:the procedure are processed with magnetization machine which have a magnetic feild ranged from 2~100 koe. 

Product picture:


  Micro Arc Sintered Permanent Neodymium Magnets for Motor

1) All NdFeB magnets used are made by our own magnet factory.

2 )Standard producing process and strict quality checking.

3 )Our know-how experts of the magnet industry.

4 )Competitive price,stable quality, timely reponse.

Products Specification:

Grade :N35,N42,N45,N50,N52,N30SH,N30UH,N30EH,N30EH,N33AH,ETC
Br(KGs):N35(11.7-12.2 )  N52(14.5-14.8)  N30SH(10.8-11.3)  N33AH(11.3-11.7)
Hcj(KA/m):N35≥955   N52≥876   N30SH≥1353   N33AH≥2785
Tw(ºC):N35≤80    N52≤60   N30SH≤150   N33AH≤240
Size:Here are some stocks size in :
15x3MM, 6x5MM, 9x5x2MM , 19.5x5x6MM, 5.25X2.45x3.9MM, 32.5X16.5X2MM, etc.
also provide Custom-made Service
Coating/Plating:Zn, Ni, NIiCuNi, Epoxy, Gold, Sliver, passivated, Rubber Covered, etc.
Material:Rare earth magnet, permanent magnet, sintered ndfeb magnet

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