Arc Segment Magnet For VCM Motor

Type:Arc Segment Magnet For VCM
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Arc Segment Magnet For VCM Motors

neodymium (rare earth) magnets are widely used for motors, one of them is voice coil motors, especially in disk voice coil motors.Voice Coil Motors (VCM), also called Voice Coil Actuators (VCA), are a very mature design that utilizes a magnet and yoke in conjunction with a coil. The coil and magnet area concentric about a common axis and there exists an engineered magnetic return path.The coil is typically connected to a mechanism which translates the coil’s linear motion into a beneficial action. For example, a conventional loud-speaker uses a voice coil motor to drive a cone which converts the coil’s oscillating motion into sound energy.


Key Benefits of a VCM – Voice Coil Actuator:

No commutation required

Low to no hysteresis

Zero cogging

Fewer mechanical components compared to “screw-type” actuators

Linear control characteristics

High power to mass ratio

High power to volume ratio

Infinite position (Limited only by the encoder device.)



Procure Material-Scaling and Mixing-Vacuum Melting-Air-flow Grinding-Pressing-Vacuum Sintering-Properties Testing(Grinding, Liner Cutting, Drilling, Cutting)-Prior Inspection-Coating-Magnetization&Packing-Final Inspection-Shipment.

Plating Characteristics

Plating Type

Overall Thickness

Salt Spray Test

Pressure Cooker Test

NiCuNi (Nickel Copper Nickel)

15-21 μm

24 hours

48 hours

NiCu + Black Nickel

15-21 μm

24 hours

48 hours

NiCuNi + Epoxy

20-28 μm

48 hours

72 hours

NiCuNi + Gold

16-23 μm

36 hours

72 hours

NiCuNi + Silver

16-23 μm

24 hours

48 hours


7-15 μm

12 hours

24 hours

Each individual layer of Nickel and Copper are 5-7 μm thick. The Gold and Silver plating layers are 1-2 μm thick.

Test results shown to allow comparison between plating options. Performance in your application under your specific test conditions may vary. Salt Spray testing conducted with a 5% NaCl solution, at 35°C. Pressure Cooker Test (PCT) conducted at 2 atm, 120°C at 100% RH.

Product Feature

1.The superlative strength magnets at present.

2. Used in mostly in smaller, lightweight and thinner design products.

3. The average energy product's cost is comparable to substitute the ferrite magnet.4. Prompt Delivery and Competitive Price.

Application / Models

Magnetic separator, Sensors, Wind generators, Vibration motors, DC motors, Servo motors, Linear motors, VCM, MRI, Loudspeakers, Linear actuators, drives, toys, bags, household appliances, microphone parts, transmission equipments...

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