10x2 Mm Disc NdFeB Magnets

Type: 10x2 mm Disc NdFeB Magnets
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10x2 mm Disc NdFeB Magnets

Material Neodymium
Plating Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Diameter D 10 mm
Volum 157 mm³
Temperature max. 80 °C
Magnetic Grade N35
Tolerance 0.1 mm
Direction axial
Weight 1.193 g
Pull Power Force 1 kg
Hight H 2 mm

10x2 ndfeb small round disc magnet

               Power Disc NdFeB Magnet

The power of our neodymium magnets is not to be underestimated. Even the smallest in size are very powerful. There are various areas in which our magnets can be used. The following are the main areas of application: industry, solid-state technology (Hall sensor technology), workshop and craftsmanship, model making, office and warehouse, school and university, as well as in handicrafts and games. Corporate customers, public authorities and institutions can conveniently order on account.

10x2 Disc magnet N50 Neodymium Disc Magnets Cylinder Magnets

 Why choose sintered NdFeB Magnets? 

1. Chemical composition: Nd2Fe14B.
Neodymium magnets are hard, brittle and easily corrode. 

2. Moderate temperature stability
Neodymium magnets lose -0.09 ~ -0.13% of Br/°C. Their working stability is under 80°C for low Hci Neodymium magnets and above 200°C for high Hci Neodymium magnets.

3.Excellent strength value
The highest (BH)max reaches up to 51MGOe.

4. Extremely resistance to demagnetization with Hci
The intrinsic coercive force is over 30,000 Oe.

5. Effective Surface treatment to prevent corrosion.
Surface treatments have been developed that allow them to be used in most applications. The treatments include gold, nickel, zinc and tin plating and epoxy resin coating.

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