Block Neodymium Magnet

Type: Block Neodymium Magnet
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MOQ: Depending on the size of magnets
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This Block Neodymium Magnet is Being made from Neodymium, Iron, Boron, and other elements. High remanence, high coercive force, high energy, etc. High resistance to magnetic demagnetization. Excellent cost to performance ratio. Not suitable for application which exposed to high temperatures. Widely used in mini-motors, wind generators, meters, sensors, speakers, magnetic suspension systems, magnetic transmission machines, and other industrial applications.
Very easy to corrosion in humid environments, so it is necessary to do the surface treatment according to customers' requirements. We can offer the coatings, such as Zinc, Nickel, Nickel-copper-nickel, Silver, gold-plating, Epoxy coating, etc

Block Neodymium Magnet


             Block Neodymium Magnet

Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia. Half of our products are purchased by American or German loudspeaker manufacturers, such as the JBL and AR in the US as well as the Heco in Germany. Thirty percent are sold to electric machine manufacturers like the Italian Cedar and the Chinese Baolai. We have earned a good reputation in this industry and established long-term cooperative relationships with multiple clients.

Block NdFeB Magnet

              High-Quality NdFeB Magnet

Our product features a high quality-price ratio. With superior mechanical properties, it is easy to cut and process. The defects of the sintered neodymium magnet lie in the low Curie temperature, poor temperature characteristics, and high susceptibility to pulverization. We have provided solutions to remedy those flaws by adjusting the chemical composition and electroplating the surface. The product we offer can pass the 72-hour salt spray test and its maximum operating temperature reaches 240º C, thus satisfying the practical application requirements.


Q1: What are magnetic poles? 
A1: They are the surfaces from which the invisible lines of magnetic flux emanate and connect on return to the magnet.

Q2: What are the different types of magnets available?
A2: Two types - permanent and electromagnets. Permanent magnets emit a magnetic field without the need for any external source of power. Electro Magnets require electricity in order to behave as a magnet.                                                                                                              

Q3: What are Rare Earth magnets?
A3: Rare earth magnets that are made out of the rare earth group of elements. The most common are Neodymium-Iron-Boron and Samarium Cobalt types.

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