Two-Sided Magnetic Separator Grid

Type: Two-Sided Magnetic Separator Grid
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Two-Sided Magnetic Separator Grid

The two-sided separator (MSSO-AC) is intended for such applications, where the material flow and the production process cannot be interrupted during the cleaning. The bulk material falls down through the inlet for the contaminated material via demountable damping grate (it reduces the impact power of the falling material) on the grate sieve consisting of magnetic tubes. Ferromagnetic particles are caught on the stainless steel surface of the protective tubes thanks to the strong neodymium magnets.



         Two-Sided Magnetic Separator Grid

 The grates occupy two-thirds of the separator width, while the magnetic cores are permanently placed under the inlet for the contaminated material, in the middle of the magnetic separator. Owing to the two-third length of the cover tubes the magnetic cores (situated in the separator center) are always protected by the stainless steel tubes and half of the cover tube length is continuously cleaned from the magnetic impurities at the same time. 



                  Separator Magnetic Grate

This way the continuousness of both cleaning and separation processes is guaranteed (and without the necessity to interrupt the production cycle during the magnetic separation and cleaning). The entire lower grid (= the set of lower protective tubes) moves to the right by means of the pneumatic drive and guiding rollers in preset time intervals and the upper grid follows it to the same position. Discharge of the collected impurities into the waste funnel at the right side takes place during the cleaning interval set by the customer. 

Afterward, the bottom protective tubes are moved to the left and followed by the upper grid. The ferromagnetic impurities caught up on the protective tubes fall down into the left waste funnel. The tubes protecting the magnetic cores are moved to the right as soon as the cleaning process is finished (and the whole procedure keeps being is repeated all the time).

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