Round Grid Magnetic Separator

Type: Round Grid Magnetic Separator
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Round Grid Magnetic Separator

Magnetic grids filter ferromagnetic (Fe) metal contaminants from freely falling, free-flowing powder and granulate flows in square or round piping systems.



         Stainless Steel Magnetic Separator

Our magnetic grids are used for applications in the plastics, food, pharmaceutical, ceramics, and other industries. Applications include: in the hopper of your injection molding machine, for protection of your installation or as final inspection of your product, e.g. just prior to bagging.

Round Grid Magnetic Grid

          Round Grid Magnetic Separator

Our magnetic grids consist of several very powerful neodymium magnetic bars. These are located in the middle of your product flow and can, therefore, capture the smallest ferrous particles, down to 30 microns. Even stainless steel scrapings can be captured; these particles are so small that they cannot even be detected by a metal detector.

An effective use is to place two magnetic grids in a cascade configuration so the product flowing past them must contact the magnetic bars or at least pass extremely close to them. We usually also use this method with grids in housing.

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