Block Rubber Coated Magnet

Type: Block Rubber Coated Magnet
Material: Magnet + Rubber
Coating: Rubber
Pull force: 3-18 Kg
Application: Office, Home, Hotel, etc.
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Product Details

Block Rubber Coated Magnet – Powerful Rubber Coated Magnetic System.

These cubes are coated with a layer of black thermoplastic. This coating makes these magnets very water-resistant and virtually indestructible. They can be slammed together with little threat of damage to the magnets. The rubber coating is grippy, which is great when sliding is a problem.

 Black Rubber Coated Magnet Block

                Block Rubber Coated Magnet                                            

 Rubber coated neodymium magnets give great durability and high friction. The rubber coating acts as a protection for the Neodymium Magnet against chipping and exposure to liquids. Rubber coated neodymium magnets are used in many holding applications. If you require a specific size, please contact us on using our online custom magnet quote form.

  Magnetic Block Rubber Coated         Black Rubber Coated Magnet Block

It is coated with a durable layer of black rubber, very much like tire rubber. Rubber protects the magnet from impact damage and corrosion.

These blocks can be slammed together many times without damage, overcoming one of the greatest weaknesses of neodymium magnets – fragility. The rubber coating is very water-resistant, but not recommended for underwater use, as the rubber seal is not guaranteed waterproof.


Q1: How do you measure the strength of a magnet?
A1: Most commonly Gaussmeters which measure the strength in Gauss or Pull-Testers which measure in kgs or pounds.

Q2: What are magnetic poles? 
A2: They are the surfaces from which the invisible lines of magnetic flux emanate and connect on return to the magnet.

Q3: What are the different types of magnets available?
A3: Two types - permanent and electromagnets. Permanent magnets emit a magnetic field without the need for any external source of power. Electro Magnets require electricity in order to behave as a magnet.  

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