Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet

Type: Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet
Material: Metal and Neodymium Magnet
Size: D8-D120 mm
Screw thread: M3, M4, M5. M6, M8, M10
Coated: Ni, Zn, Cr, Rubber
Pull Force: 0.5-400 kg
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Product Details

Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet

The round base magnets are also known as magnetic cups or cup magnets. This neodymium round base magnet is made of a super-strong neodymium magnet encased inside a chrome-plated steel cup. The neodymium magnet is bonded inside of the cup with adhesives. This design forms a magnetic circuit that triples the holding force to 246 lbs! At the same time, the steel cup also protects the magnet from being damaged when frequently used. The countersunk hole on the magnet is provided for easy applications.

Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnet


   Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assembly


This magnet is for commercial use only

Keep it away from pacemakers and children under 5 years old.

All magnets are fragile and may chip or break but if used properly this magnet can last a lifetime.


  Super-strong neodymium cup magnet

The applications of this cup magnet include magnetic holding, lifting, antenna Mounting, positioning, retrieving, and much more.

Super strong neodymium cup magnet

Powerful Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assembly Drawing

This handy and useful magnetic cup has a magnet embedded inside 3 quality layers coated steel cup to offer the maximum gripping power.

The steel cup offers protection for the magnet and concentrates the magnetic force on the magnet surface.

The magnetic cup has a countersunk center hole that is perfect for mounting with a flat head screw or bolt.

Countersunk Magnets have multi-purpose because of their strength.

Magnetic cups widely used in industrial applications such as holding, lifting, hanging, and perfect for home, workshop, etc.

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