Neodymium Round Base Magnet Fastener

Type: Neodymium Round Base Magnet Fastener
Material: Metal and Neodymium Magnet
Size: D8-D120 mm
Screw thread: M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10
Coated: Ni, Zn, Cr, Rubber
Pull Force: 0.5-400 kg
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Product Details

Neodymium Round Base Magnet Fastener

Extreme Industrial Grade Grip and Holding Power. This Base Magnetic Fastener is made of strong Neodymium Cup Magnet which can hold up to 60 pounds of pulling power allowing you to mount several industrial tools, light bars, racks, spice jar racks, curtain rods, sliding doors and many other heavy-duty objects both outdoor and indoors.


Strong Neodymium Cup Magnets

    Neodymium Cup Magnet Fastener

Neodymium cup magnets have a multitude of uses beyond sticking items to your fridge because of their immense strength and small size, and their countersunk hole lets you mount these magnets anywhere for an endless amount of uses. Uses for this magnet range from magnetic fishing, to storing tools and high capacity holding.

Countersunk Hole Cup Magnet

Shatter Proof and Heavy Duty Neodymium Cup Base Magnet. Enclosed by a Zinc Alloy Jacket, making the Neodymium Disc Magnet shatter proof and weather resistant. Will not rust outside or shatter from regular drops.

Surface Finish Safe and Blends Perfectly to Work Environment. Smooth Aluminum Finish is safe on surface paint, thus giving you peace of mind while your tools and belongings are securely mounted.

Counterbore Hole Pot Magnet


Besides neodymium magnets which are renowned for their strength and versatility, we also carry many different kinds of magnets that are all suited for different needs. From ultra-high temperature resistant Samarium-Cobalt magnets to cost-effective and ubiquitous ceramic magnets, HearHeart Magnets is a trusted and reliable supplier of ultra-high-performance magnets in an assortment of all shapes and sizes.

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