Strong Magnetic Name Badges

Type: Strong Magnetic Name Badges
Material: Neodymium Magnets + Stainless Steel+ABS
Shape:Rectangle or round
Weight: 5.8-12.8g
Magnet quantity: 2-3pcs
Applications: Perfect for office, school, crafts and much more.
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Product Details

Product Introduction:

Magnetic Name badge holder can be used to hold many size of ID cards or name tags.Two pieces permanent magnet set can be attach directly to clothing, do not need any pins, clips. To avoid the damage of your clothing,whatever the shirts, jacket or thick outerwear.

Magnetic name tag is a kind of tag made of magnetic materials.

Magnetic name tag is a perfect substitute for paper name tag in terms of environmental protection.

As magnetic name tags work, making use of the attraction of magnet, people can re use them each time when they take off them from the surfaces where they used to be attached on.

Name badge magnetic attachments are perfect for suits or expensive clothing that you don’t want to be damaged,these badges offer great option for visitors,employees and other frequent wearers of identification.

Name badge magnetic attachments are excellent for fastening badge to garments which can not hold a pin without damage to the garment.Magnets are also superb for instances where there is short term use with frequent attachment.

Magnetic badge holders help protect your badge from daily wear while allowing the card to be clearly visible. They are extremely versatile as they do not require any additional supplies to attach or hold your badge in place.


Why We Made Magnetic Name Badges

If you’re tired of seeing your company’s uniforms full of pin holes then it might be time for you to consider switching to reusable magnetic name badge holders. Our magnetic name badge holders are powerful, lightweight, affordable, and reusable. They hold your name badge in place no matter how active and busy you are. The badge magnets set the bar for strength and durability, and have earned top safety rankings.

Magnetic name badge fasteners are recommended for front-line staff and can be used in conjunction with our printable name badge insert.

Advantage of Magnetic Name Badge

1.Ideal for professional or hospitality settings . Additional fastener options including strap clips, lanyards, and magnetic are available. Pocket badges do not need a fastener.

2.Available in multiple sizes and shapes.

3.Includes pin or swivel clip fastener.

4.Rectangle metal name badges come with square corners.

Features of Magnetic Name Badge

1, Magnetic name tag or magnetic name badge provides a professional way of displaying name tags and identification without damaging clothing.

2, It is strong magnet with plastic molded, which allows the tag to be easily clipped on to your shirt or suit without the damaging effects of pins or clips.

3, Magnetic name tags are perfect for suits or expensive clothing that you don’t want to be damaged.

4, One set contains a magnet bar and a metal bar, the magnet bar has one, two or three pieces of strong magnets and the metal bar has adhesive on one side.

5, When using it, just remove the liner from the adhesive and stick it onto your badge. Put the magnet bar inside your shirt to hold the badge onto your shirt.

We have several regular styles for your choice, if you need customized style, pls contact us for the details, we will send our very best price for your reference. Please contact us for more information, 

P5-reusable magnetic name tag

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