18 Pounds Steel Magnetic Push Pins

Type: 18 Pounds Steel Magnetic Push Pins
Material: Neodymium Magnets + steel
Size: D11x27mm Or Customized
Color: silver
Pull force: 18 pounds Applications: Home, school and office
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Product Details

18 Pounds Steel Magnetic Push Pins

neodymium metal skittle magnet push pin magnet for whiteboard fridge can hold hooks,drawings, calendars, important memos, blueprints, work plans and more with these convenient, heavy duty magnetic bases. Ideal for holding items on Filing Cabinets, Whiteboards, Bulletin Boards, Magnetic Maps and Refrigerators. Each magnet features durable powderpainting and easy-grip knob for positioning, Pawn Magnets.

Pin Magnets are made with a Rare Earth Neodymium Magnet inserted into a plastic substrate. These strong whiteboard magnets are also called ‘Pawn Magnets’, due to their shape.


Strong Office Whiteboard Magnets 

Ergonomics Design Strong Kids Push Pin Magnets: The chess shape design for easy hold. No marks or stainsw while removing from your magnet board,fridge, washing machine,etc. Each refrigerator magnets is 16mm in height x 12mm in diameter.

High Quality White Board Magnets: With the features of high resistance to demagnetization, corrosion and oxidation and long-lasting, as the magnets are made from brushed nickel silver finishing material.



                      Mutifuction Magnets

Magnetic Push Pins are great as hooks, holders or hangers on numerous magnetic surfaces 

- refrigerators, lockers, metal storage shelves and cabinets, whiteboards, magnetic maps, 

metal beams / columns, and much more.



Q1: What are neodymium magnets?  Are they the same as "rare earth"?

A1:Neodymium magnets are a member of the rare earth magnet family. They are called "rare earth" because neodymium is a member of the "rare earth" elements on the periodic table. Neodymium magnets are the strongest of the rare earth magnets and are the strongest permanent magnets in the world.


Q2:What are neodymium magnets made from and how are they made?

A2:Neodymium magnets are actually composed of neodymium, iron and boron (they are also referred to as NIB or NdFeB magnets).  The powdered mixture is pressed under great pressure into molds.  The material is then sintered (heated under a vacuum), cooled, and then ground or sliced into the desired shape.  Coatings are then applied if required.  Finally, the blank magnets are magnetized by exposing them to a very powerful magnetic field in excess of 30 KOe.

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