White Cruise Traveling Magnetic Hooks

Type:White Cruise Traveling Magnetic Hooks
Material: NdFeB Magnets + Steel plate + Hook
Size: D25-D36mm
Coating: Ni,Zn,Cr,Rubber
Pull force: 40 lbs
Applications: offices, schools, kitchen, warehouses, restaurants stc.
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Product Details

These magnetic ceiling hooks are perfect for suspending signs, POS and decorations from steel ceiling panels, beams etc which are receptive to magnets. They made of Neodymium Iron Boron magnet and stainless steel, very durable and stylish.


                       White Magnetic Hooks

The white magnet hook looks unobtrusive.

The NdFeB magnet provides adequate magnetic pull for general purpose applications. 

Choose from 3 sizes - the larger the size the stronger the magnetic force to handle heavier loads.

Whight Magnetic hook for cruises

          White Cruise Traveling Magnetic Hooks

The performance of ceiling magnets is affected by factors such as the thickness of steel to which they are attached and any surface coating (e.g. plastic coating). As well as quoting the maximum pull force in an ideal situation we give suggested Safe Working Loads (SWL) for general applications with a good margin of safety built in.

25mm small magnetic hookMax 2-3kgSWL 0.5kg (1lb)
32mm standard magnetic hookMax 4-6kgSWL 1.0kg (2lb)
50mm super strong magnet hookMax 12-18kgSWL 4.0kg (9lb)

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Q1:How permanent is a magnets strength?
A1: If a magnet is stored away from power lines, other magnets, high temperatures and other factors that adversely affect the magnet, it will retain its magnetism essentially forever.

Q2:What might affect a magnets strength?
A2: Heat/Radiation/Strong electrical currents in close proximity/Other magnets in close proximity to the magnet/Neo magnets will corrode in high humidity enviroments unless they have a protective coating.

Q3:Can a magnet that has lost its magnetism be re-magnetized ?
A3: Provided that the material has not been damaged by extreme heat, the magnet can be re-magnetized back to its original strength.

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