Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder

Type: Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder
Material: Tool Holder + Mounting screws
Size: 8", 12", 18", 24"
Pull force each inch: 24lbs
Application: workshop, toolhouse, kitchen and carport
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Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder Production Description


powerful magnetic tool holder strip rail bar holder storageorganizers

              Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder strip

The new expansion screw is very strong, and a screw hole is added to the plastic buckle at both ends to make it more firmly installed on the wall. It’s also meant to mount to a normal wall so other surfaces like metal may be difficult to use. But with two magnetic rubber bases, everything is easy. It can be easily attached to the wall, and there is no need to make screw holes in the wall, so it is convenient to move the position.



powerful magnetic tool holder garage strips for


           Powerful Magnetic Tool Holder for Garage

Simply install the Racks either by Flush-mounting, or first mounting the brackets with the incl. screws onto your wall and then attaching the Bars either connected aligned or separated and then just put on your metallic stuff and watch how the Magnetic force grabs it right out of your hand, indicating how strong it is!


Q1: How permanent is a magnet's strength?
A1: If a magnet is stored away from power lines, other magnets, high temperatures and other factors that adversely affect the magnet, it will retain its magnetism essentially forever.

Q2: What might affect a magnet's strength?
A2: Heat/Radiation/Strong electrical currents in close proximity/Other magnets in close proximity to the magnet/Neo magnets will corrode in high humidity environments unless they have a protective coating.

Q3: Can a magnet that has lost its magnetism be re-magnetized?
A3: Provided that the material has not been damaged by extreme heat, the magnet can be re-magnetized back to its original strength.

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