Strong Gun Magnetic Mount

Type: Gun Magnetic Mount
Material: Neodymium Magnets + Rubber
Size: 9*3.6*1.4cm
Accessories: 4 screws + 3M Sticker
Pull Force: 50 Ibs
Application: Car and Home Hold Guns
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Product Details

This  Gun Magnetic mount is the absolute strongest and most durable.



                   Gun Magnetic Mount

Strong enough that guns can be mounted perpendicular or parallel

Ideal for under a desk/coffee table and bedside mounting for when time is of the essence
Great for the home, office, car, garage, inside safe, etc.

Holster Magnet concealed


                        Strong Gun Magnet

Made with neodymium magnets
Also known as rare earth magnets
The strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available
Incredibly resistant to demagnetization
Easily holds fully loaded Glocks, XDMs, .45s and almost anything else you can throw at it

Please Note:

Firearms can be dangerous and should be kept out of reach of children.

It is suggested to mount an unloaded gun or lock the safety.

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