Powerful Channel Magnet

Type: Powerful channel magnet
Material: Metal and neodymium magnet
Size: Customizable
Screw thread: M3,M4,M5,M6,M8
Coating: Ni,Zn,Cr,Rubber
Pull force: 10-30Kg
Applications: Door stopper
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Powerful channel magnet Introduce:

Rare Earth, Neodymium Chanel Magnets also known as Cabinet Magnets Extremely useful in cabinetry and other functions where attachment to a non magnetic surface such as wood, plastics or non magnetic metals is desired.  Cabinet magnets or channel magnets are shaped specifically for cabinet doors.  The strength you select would be directly related to the task in that cabinet doors in an R.V. would require a stronger pull than you would need to use in a stationary kitchen.  


channel magnets are called that because they usually fit in the small recession or channel on the edge of a cabinet door.  These handy cabinet magnets replace the old fashioned door latches of the past.


Neodymium cabinet magnets are of course very strong and should be used for cabinets in motorhomes, boats and recreational vehicles when the doors must stay latched in a moving vehicle.


The ceramic cabinet magnets are typically used in the home where there is no movement and the items behind the doors weigh less.


These Cabinet Magnets come with countersunk holes so that the screws used to anchor the channel magnets to the wood, plastic or metal lay flat and even with the surface of the cabinet magnet.


Rectangular Magnetic Bases or channel magnets are also known as channel magnets or magnetic channels. They are made of permanent magnets assembled inside steel channels. Most of the rectangular magnetic bases use either neodymium rare earth magnets or ceramic magnets but AlNiCo and SmCo magnets are rarely used. The benefits of the channel magnets are strength and durability. The holding strength of the magnetic channels is much more powerful than the magnets built in the channels since the magnetic circuit design. And the steel channels protect the magnets from direct hit so to have a much longer service life.

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Q1:How permanent is a magnets strength?
A1: If a magnet is stored away from power lines, other magnets, high temperatures and other factors that adversely affect the magnet, it will retain its magnetism essentially forever.

Q2:What might affect a magnets strength?
A2: Heat/Radiation/Strong electrical currents in close proximity/Other magnets in close proximity to the magnet/Neo magnets will corrode in high humidity enviroments unless they have a protective coating.

Q3:Can a magnet that has lost its magnetism be re-magnetized ?
A3: Provided that the material has not been damaged by extreme heat, the magnet can be re-magnetized back to its original strength.

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