Treasure Hunting Search Magnet

Type: Treasure Hunting Search Magnet
Material: NdFeB Magnets + Steel plate + Hook
Size: D48-D136mm
Coating: Black Epoxy,Ni,Zn,Cr,Rubber
Pull force: 80-600Kg
Applications: Magnetic holding, Treasure Hunting, retrieving, and fishing...
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Search Magnets / Treasure Salvage Magnets / Retrieving Magnets

Search magnets,  also called as treasure salvage magnets or retrieving magnets, which look like pot magnets, are also made up of neodymium magnets, rubber and steel housings and other components. But their sizes are usually larger than pot magnets, and, the machining method of their steel housing is different from pot magnets’. Search magnets are used for searching ferrite things in river, sea, or other places.


This versatile retrieving magnet is a great tool around any shop, garage, septic tank, pool or ranch.

Easily retrieve lost fishing gear, separate scrap iron from waste or clear your garage of nails, screws and sharp metal after your next project! Whatever the application, you can attach your own choice of line or the retrieving magnet can be easily mounted to your wall or workbench as a holdfast.
Retrieve metal objects from tanks and waterways
Separate scrap metal from waste
Includes eye bolt for rope attachments
Remove eye bolt and replace with a threaded rod to use as a pick-up tool


Modern Permanent Magnets can attract steel objects or other magnets from large distances and cause trapping injuries. Strong magnets should not be given to children. Many Magnets are brittle and may shatter if they are allowed to ‘jump’ together or they jump onto a steel surface. Strong Magnets may affect or interfere with sensitive electronic instruments. Always keep magnets at least 50mm from such devices. Magnets can destroy information stored on magnetic media such as credit cards, floppy discs and computer hard drives. Keep them at least 20mm away. Analogue watches, televisions and computer monitors can be permanently damaged by placing magnets near them. Users of heart pace makers should avoid being near magnets. Do not use magnets in explosive atmospheres.


This powerful magnet will temporarily affect television colour, it can trap fingers, wipe and distort tape and video recordings, affect watches, etc.

Attach the interference bar (keeper bar) when not in use and stow at least 2 meters from boat compasses.

While the sea searcher will withstand heavy lifting duties the core is brittle. The magnet should not be dropped on hard surfaces.

When lifting heavy objects from under water, the magnets capacity is even greater until the object reaches the surface.

Be ready to take hold of the object at this point.

Neodymium magnets have a maximum operating temperature of 80 degress C above which their power deteriorates rapidly.

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