What's Multi-pole flexible magnets?

- Jul 25, 2019-

A multi-pole flexible magnetic tape has only one face magnetized in the form of a multi-pole magnet.

Multi-pole magnets are magnetized in a striped pattern of alternating north and south poles e.g. north, south, north, south. 

Multi-pole flexible magnetic tape can have between 2 and 60 magnetic poles per inch. The more poles per inch a magnet has, the greater its holding strength, but the reach of the magnetic field is reduced. This creates a strong magnetic field close to the magnet to give it a greater holding power. Flexible magnetic tapes with a large thickness have fewer poles per inch as the strength is already increased due to their size. 

Flexible magnetic tape with adhesive or laminates on one magnetic face requires multi-pole magnetization, due to the barrier the laminate and adhesives create, preventing the magnetic field from escaping through the top of the magnetic tape.

Multi-pole magnetization allows the flexible magnetic tape to stick to either another multi-pole magnet or to a ferromagnetic material. This would not be possible if the magnet was magnetized in any other way.


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