What is an artificial magnet?

- Jul 23, 2019-

Artificial magnets: divided into hoof magnets and strip magnets, are the most common in everyone's life, and hoof magnets are popular. A single-sided magnet is a magnet that is magnetic on one side and weak on the other side. The method is to wrap one side of the double-sided magnet with a specially treated galvanized iron sheet so that the magnetic side of the wrapped side is shielded and the magnetic force is refracted to the other side. The other side will be enhanced in magnetism. If there are occasions, only one side needs to be magnetic, and the other side may cause damage or interference if it is magnetic; in some cases, the magnet on the box only needs one side to be magnetic, the other side may or may not be magnetic, and it is useless. This use of single-sided magnetics will greatly reduce costs and save magnetic materials. The magnetic refraction of a single-sided magnet is determined by the refraction of the signal from the satellite pot or the refractive surface of the flashlight to the light: 

1. Material: The choice of material and thickness, and the close relationship between the magnet and the material. Pure iron is prone to magnetic leakage, and the refraction will be enhanced after special treatment, but the 100% shielding material has not been studied, but the materials made by different manufacturers have different effects.

2. Angle: According to the principle of refraction, the curved material works best, and the right angle material has a large loss of refraction.

3. Space: Magnetic lines are like the mobile phone signal in the air, and need space to reflect. If the flashlight lamp pot is completely wrapped in the lamp, the effect is definitely not good because there is a large amount of light refraction loss.