The biggest difference between tile magnet and rectangular magnet

- Aug 05, 2019-

Tile-shaped magnetic steel has better airtightness and higher efficiency. The biggest difference between tiles and straight plates is that the tiles can reduce the pole pair number without changing the air gap, thus improving the efficiency of the motor at high speed. The magnetized steel is always straight due to the magnetizing surface, ensuring the air gap. In the case of constant, the pole pair cannot be made less than the tile magnet, and the electric motor is made of silicon steel sheet stator. The higher the working frequency, the larger the iron loss, the tile magnet can solve this problem. After the pole pair is reduced, the frequency of operation of the silicon steel sheet at the same speed will also decrease, and the iron loss will be relatively reduced. Other differences are negligible.

Generally, high-power motors use more tile-shaped magnets.

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