Magnet production process: magnet orientation

- Sep 02, 2019-

Magnet powder magnetic field orientation is one of the key processes of producing high performance sintered magnet for ndfeb magnet manufacturers.The purpose of magnetic field orientation is to make the easy magnetization direction of each powder particle be arranged along the same direction, so as to make anisotropic magnet, and to have the maximum residual magnetic Br along the direction of c-axis orientation of powder particles, so as to increase the maximum magnetic energy product (BH) Max value of the magnet.The orientation of magnetic powder has important effects on the residual Br and BH Max of the magnet.


Ndfeb magnet manufacturers have two purposes for the orientation of the powder molding: one is to press the powder into a certain shape and size of the press blank;The second is that the magnetic field intensity is the largest after the crystal orientation is maintained in the magnetic field orientation.The pressing method we use is die pressing and cold isostatic pressure.Pressing process is the main process of magnetic powder oxygen absorption, so the forming process has strict anti-oxidation measures, require the magnetic powder weighing or pressing process under the protection of inert gas.