About ring magnet of the hall induction

- Sep 05, 2019-

Hall induction magnetic ring generally does not need too strong magnetic, as long as there are multiple magnetic poles have been arranged and can provide the magnetic pole signal to hall element, hall element can get the signal to work normally.Therefore, hall induction magnetic ring is mostly the same ferrite magnetic ring, this kind of ferrite magnetic ring has stable magnetism and distinct magnetic pole, which provides a stable magnetic pole signal for hall induction original, and thus is widely used in speed measurement. According to the requirements of brushless motor, there are two kinds of axial multipole magnetic ring and radial multipole magnetic ring. The surface magnetic ring of the magnetic ring is generally about 1000GS, so the magnetism is not too strong or weak, which can just provide signal to hall induction original, and will not affect the normal work of the magnetic ring of the motor itself.


However, because of different industries, the product of the professional term is different also, have a hall sensor magnetic ring, induction magnetic multipole induction magnetic ring, hall, radial induction radial multi-polar magnetic ring, magnetic ring, and so on, but after understanding of product usage, is for the most part can be determined by inductive circular hall, gay radial multi-polar hall induction copper prices low, magnetic stability in brushless motor, stepping gear motor, etc. Products are widely used on.