Magnetic Whiteboard Refrigerator Stickers Weekly Plan

Item Name: Magnetic Dry Erase Calendar Family Schedule Week Planner
Size: 11inch x 14inch(Thickness:0.03inch) /28*36cm(Thickness: 0.8mm)
Material: Magnetic PET
Features: smoothly write and instantly erase; cycle use, waterproof design; wear resistance and long-lasting
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Product Details

Product Details

1. Fridge Magnet Writing Board Are Specially Made For Business Promotion And Save The Good Memories Of Unique Date .


2. They Have The Advantage Of Low Cost, Usefulness. Environment Friendly, etc .

3. As A Promotion Gift, You Can Print Your Advertisement, Contact Information, Something You Want Others To Remember On Them, Also They Could Be Made Into Many Shapes To Express Your Expected Meaning .

4. When It Comes To Its Usage, They Can Be A Wonderful Decoration Or Sign To Your Fridge Or Other Tools Such As Cars, White Board, Etc .


Product Name

 Magnetic whiteboard


 250g art paper with lamination+0.5mm rubber magnet


 Customized size or our suggest size according to design 


 OEM and customized design are welcomed


 printing and stamping


Whiteboard-With-Magnetic-Neodymium-Refrigerator-Magnet-Weekly (1).jpg

PVC shinny surface A4 A5 size print paper rubber magnet sheets.jpg


Magnetic products are classified as follows:

(1) magnetic refrigerator paste: made of peritoneum with soft adhesive magnet on the bottom and coated paper on the top.

(2) refrigerator stickers for thermometers: use a soft adhesive magnet on the bottom + a four-color printed laminating film on coated paper on the top + a thermometer.

(3) magnetic bookmark: it is made by folding peritoneum in half with soft adhesive magnet on the bottom (magnetic absorption) + four-color coated paper on the top.

(4) magnetic message board white board: using soft rubber magnet (or board) + coated paper four-color printing laminating film + erasable pen.

(5) magnetic photo frame: use soft plastic magnet to mount coated paper for color printing of peritoneum, and make the middle punching cut photo frame.Or make double layer photo frames, PVC photo frames, cardboard photo frames and other materials according to customer requirements.

(6) magnetic note book: use the lower soft adhesive magnet + the upper coated paper four-color printing laminating film + note book, or separate note book, convenience book.

(7) magnetic jigsaw puzzle (board jigsaw) : using the bottom soft glue magnet (or board gray board paper) + the top coated paper four-color printing laminating film, the middle die-cut design needs the small pieces of jigsaw to make.

(8) PVC soft adhesive refrigerator sticker: PVC soft adhesive refrigerator sticker is made of PVC soft adhesive on the front and soft magnetic or magnet on the back.

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