Magnetic Decompression Magnet Sphere

Type:Magnetic decompression magnet sphere Buck Ball
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216PCS 5mm Cube Buck Ball Mixcolour Magnetic Toys Neodymium N35 Magnet

Buckleballs (magnetic balls) have strong magnetic properties and can combine hundreds of millions of geometric patterns in a kaleidoscope, which is highly entertaining and creative.

Delicate and beautiful, strong combination, and with good gloss, not easy to fade and other characteristics, can be used as magnetic jewelry, such as: necklace, bracelet.

magnet buck ball

                         5mm Cube Buck Ball

Simple magnetic ball rubik's cube can improve your intuition in geometry and mathematics.You can use the magnetic ball rubik's cube as an educational tool to study in combination with textbooks, so that you can have a better understanding of geometry knowledge from both theoretical and practical aspects.Since geometry requires a strong ability of spatial imagination, taking the magnetic ball rubik's cube as a teaching tool can effectively improve the grade of geometry.


                 Magnetic Buck Ball Magnet Optional Colors

One of the great USES of magnetic rubik's cube is to release pressure.The magnetic rubik's cube decompresses because of its structure.Like other stress relief toys, the magnetic cube can be distorted and twisted to release your emotions.More than any other toy, the magnetic rubik's cube is composed of 216 individual magnetic balls. You can forcefully separate the magnetic balls of the magnetic ball cube, and then perfectly combine them together. In addition, the magnetic ball rubik's cube gives you the unique texture.

Best for assemble and posted on any mental material.
Adopting reliable magnet material, it is non-toxic and harmless.
Creative and hot puzzle toy for enhancing assemble ability.
Improve intelligence, imagination and creativity.
Great decoration for your bedroom.
It is easy to assemble without the need for special tools.
A creative toy with strong magnetic ability to make hundreds of geometric patterns.
Full of high entertainment and creativity.

Applicable age: over 10 years old
This product contains small accessories .
If you swallow them, please call for medical treatment immediately. 
Also, please keep away it from electric devices, like electronic medical equipment .
Keep them away from magnetic memory gadgets, like credit card, soft or hard disk.

WARNING: We would not recommend this magnet be used by children under 8 without supervision!

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