Ferrite Isotropic Sintered Multipole Magnet Ring

Type:Ferrite isotropic sintered multipole magnet ring
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Ferrite isotropic sintered multipole magnet ring

Isotropic sintered ferrite magnets' magnetic properties are low, they have nearly the same magnetic properties in all directions,can be magnetized in many different directions in multi-poles.

Dry Press radial multipole ferrite magnetic ring includes molding, sintering, grinding machining, injection molding and magnetizing processes. The Products are with excellent performance, especially for the dry pressing anisotropic magnetic ring witch the highest magnetic density is up to 1600-1700GS. According to customer’s requirements to design and development as well provide all kinds of injection molding magnets. The products are widely used in synchronous motor. Micro motor, pump motor, toy motors, sensors, electronic instruments and other fields.


Manufacturing process and magnetizing

① With dry process can produce isotropic & anisotropic magnets, the tool can be changed and developed easily.

② With wet process only can produce anisotropic magnets,it is complicated to change the tool and the tooling charge is high.

③ Isotropic ferrite magnets can be magnetized in any direction.

④ Anisotropic ferrite magnets are all oriented in the manufacturing direction, and can be magnetized in the direction of orientation.


Ring Ferrite Magnets—As important parts of magnetic materials, hard ferrite materials play a heavyrole in electronic industry, electronic information industry, car industry, motorcycle industry etc. meanwhile, they are also widely used in medical treatment, mining and metallurgy, industrial automation, oil energy industry and civil industry.

Attributes of Ceramic Magnets:
• Least expensive material compared to alnico and rare earth magnets
• High intrinsic coercive force
• Available in simple shapes only due to manufacturing process
• Lower service temperature than alnico, greater than rare earth
• Lower energy product than alnico and rare earth magnets
• Most common grades of Y25,Y30,Y30H-1,Y30H-2,Y32,Y33 ceramic are 1, 5 and 8 (1-8 possible)

For as pressed material, tolerance on the thickness (direction of magnetization) is ± 0.05mm. Other dimensions are ± 2% or ± 0.10mm, whichever is greater.

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