2 Pole Radial Ferrite Rotor Magnets

Type:2 Pole Radial Ferrite Rotor Magnets
MOQ:Depending on the magnets size
OEM service:Yes
Shipping:Air, Sea, Fast Express
Payment:PayPal, TT, L/C
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2 Pole Radial Ferrite Rotor Magnets for Diving pump, Deep well pump, Anisotropic Permanent Multipolar Radial Sintered Ferrite Rotor Magnet for High-performance Motor, Anisotropy Radially Multipole Magnetized ferrite magnets, Multi-poles Ring Magnet for Motor Rotor.

2 Pole Radial Ferrite Rotor Magnets Specification:
Size: Customized.
Magnet use: rotor, motor for Diving pump, Deep well pump
Magnetization: radial multipolar
Delivery: Existing specimens are sent free of charge, and production takes about 15-20 days.
Material: BaO or SrO and Fe2O3.
Type Mainly producing permanent anisotropic bonded ferrite magnet.
Shape Professional in manufacturing ring magnet, round and cylindrical shape.
Application Widely used in motor.
Features Cheapest magnet material,High coercive force.

Product pictures:

2 Pole Radial Ferrite Rotor MagnetsAnisotropic Permanent Multipolar Radial Sintered Ferrite Rotor Magnet for High-performance Motor

Grade of Ferrite Magnet:


Tolerance of Ferrite Magnet  
Standard tolerance : +/-2%
Also stricter tolerance are possible if specially requested.

Surface coating of Ferrite Magnet
Ferrite Magnet, also called Ceramic magnet, there is no surface coating. They do not 
Require surface treatment.

Packaging and Delivery 
Packaging: Neutral box packaging, inner box , foam inside and other protection, to ensure 
safely of transportation.
Delivery time: 8 ~ 20days, depend on customer’s order quantity.

packing of ferrite magnet

Sintered multi-pole ring is a new type of ring magnet, produced by special technology. By this technology, surface magnetic flux can reach top level, about 50%-100% higher than the arc magnets and radial ring magnets. The surface flux is distributed by sine wave shape. Because of its high surface gauss, it can remarkably raise the efficiency of motors efficiency, and it also helps motor to be light-weight and save raw materials.These make it to be a good choice for high-performance motors.  Ring Radial Multipole Magnetized Magnets, Anisotropy Motor Radial Ferrite Ring.

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