Cylinder Ferrite With Hole

Type:Cylinder Ferrite With Hole
MOQ:Depending on the magnets size
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Product Details

Material: The cheapest magnetic material, main contents including ferric oxide,BaO or SrO.

Maximum working temperature: 250ºC

Magnet Shape: special shapes and more. Customized shapes are available


Low cost, widely used in many different applications ,stable magnetic property with strong demagnetization resistance capability. Good corrosion resistance capability, no coating. The injection bonded ferrite magnet is widely applied in core components and parts of micro machine, location sensor, buzzer, contactless distributor For automotive and home appliance industry.

Sintered multi-pole ring is a new type of ring magnet, produced by special technology. By this technology, surface magnetic flux can reach top level, about 50%-100% higher than the arc magnets and radial ring magnets. The surface flux is distributed by sine wave shape. Because of its high surface gauss, it can remarkably raise the efficiency of motors efficiency, and it also helps motor to be light-weight and save raw materials.These make it to be a good choice for high-performance motors.  

Product pictures:

Cylinder Ferrite with holeSolid ferrite cores

The magnetization direction:


Could be according to customer’s requirement to make radially, axially, diameter oriented magnetized etc. and even for magnetic filed wave, we also could control in the type of sine wave, square wave and dual hump wave etc. Multiple magnetization mode can be used to meet the needs of different customers

We have prefect craft guarantee in controlling lower value on magnetic field poles range and keeping consistency in magnetic filed.

Magnetic Characteristics and Physical Properties of  Ferrite  Magnet:

ItemsFerrite Magnet

Ferrite magnet is made of Fe2O3 (80%) and Either BaCO3 or SrO3(20%) by Ceramic

processing technology. Some additives such as Cobalt and Lanthanum are mixed together to improve the magnetic performance coefficient.


Lower cost, higher coercive force; no need to be coated because it is difficult to be eroded and 



Motors, sensor, speakers, toys, electronics device, crafts, wind turbines, wind generators, filters 

automobiles etc.

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