Block Ferrite Magnets For Motor

Type:Block Ferrite Magnets For Motor
MOQ:Depending on the magnets size
OEM service:Yes
Shipping:Air, Sea, Fast Express
Payment:PayPal, TT, L/C
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Block Ferrite Magnets For Motor

Magnets need mold manufacturing. For general magnet specifications, molds have already been made for production. If you need special shape, please inform us beforehand for the time of making mold. Magnet is a hard sintered product that is economical and durable.

block ferrite magnet for motor

           Block Ferrite Magnets For Motor

Ferrite Block Magnets also are known as ceramic block magnets, are offered in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, and different proportions or scales. Our ferrite blocks are a low cost but versatile and multipurpose type of magnet. Large ceramic block magnets are often used in sweeping and separation applications. Smaller Ferrite blocks are commonly used in DC motors, as sensors, and in various handicrafts.

We are one of the professional China manufacturers work at Ferrite Block Magnet (block ceramic magnets). The following items are the relative products of the Ferrite Block Magnet, you can quickly find the Ferrite Block Magnet through the list.

Y30 Rectangular Ferrite Magnet


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