Permanent Sintered Hard Ferrite Arc Magnet

Type:Permanent Sintered Hard Ferrite Arc Magnet
MOQ:Depending on the magnets size
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Product Details

Products Introduction:

Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet, which is made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as raw material.Compared with other permanent magnet, ferrite magnet is hard and brittle with low energy. But it is not easy to demagnetization and corroded, production process is simple and nun-expensive. Therefore, in the production of whole magnet industrial, ferrite magnet is highest and widely used in industrial production.

The raw material – iron oxide – for these magnets is mixed with either strontium or barium and milled down to a fine powdered form. The powder is then mixed with a ceramic binder and magnets are produced through a compression or extrusion molding technique that is followed by a sintering process. The nature of the manufacturing process results in a product that frequently contains imperfections such as cracks, porosity, chips, etc. Fortunately, these imperfections rarely interfere with a magnet’s performance.

To enhance a ceramic magnet’s performance, the ferrite compound may be biased by a magnetic field during the pressing process. This biasing induces a preferred direction of magnetization within the magnet, significantly reducing its performance in any other orientation. Consequently, ceramic magnets are available in both oriented (anisotropic) and non-oriented (isotropic) grades. Because of its lower magnetic properties, the isotropic grade of ferrite, ceramic 1, is typically utilized where complex magnetization patterns are required, and in process biasing would be cost prohibitive.


Temperature Constraints And Methods Of Magnetization

Maximum operating temperature for a ceramic magnet is 250°C. Although you will experience magnetic losses when operating at elevated temperatures, the losses are recovered when the material is brought down to normal ambient temperature. However, operating in very cold temperatures (-20°C) can result in permanent losses of magnetic strength unless the circuit has been designed for such extremes.

● Inexpensive yet strong; a good balance between strength and affordability.

● Does not demagnetize easily.

● Can be magnetized with multiple poles if necessary.

● Does not rust.


1) Numerous manufacturing or home applications

1) Speaker magnets

2) DC Motors

3) Reed switches

4) Sweepers

5) MRI's

6) Hall-Effect devices in assemblies

7) Automotive Sensors

P5-motor magnets

Why Choose Us

● 12 years experience in magnetic products;

Advanced facilities and Nattiness Production environment;

Six production lines, over 3000 tons output per year

● R&D solutions and Sourcing ability;

High accuracy inspection equipment to measure the parameters of our products;

● Consistent&Quality supply chain;

Strict QC procedures through out the whole production run; ASTM, CE and ROHS standards meet.

● 7/24 full time service&on time delivery;

Professional Anti-magnetic packaging;

Totally safe for Air&Sea Shipping 


1. Q: What information do I need to supply when I have a inquiry?

A: If you have any inquiry, please kindly advise the following items:

Dimensions or drawing with tolerances.

Material grade or magnetic properties.

Magnetic direction.

Surface coating(if necessary).

Quantity and delivery terms.

2. Q: What about OEM and ODM?

A: OEM and ODM Accept. We have our Professional designers, we can produce any design you wanted to meet your needs.

3. Q: What about the sample time and charge?

A: (1) 7-10 days if you want to customize your logo, charge according to your design

(2) 3-7 days for our existing samples for reference 

4. Q: What about the delivery time of our products?

A: Fast Delivery  when you choose the item and decide your design, we can produce it as fast as possible, and deliver it as quick and convenient as possible.

5. Q: Could you provide me the shortest lead time?

A: We have materials in our stock,if you really need, you can tell us and We will make you satisfied.

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