Ferrite DC Motor Magnets

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Ferrite DC Motor Magnets

Ferrite DC Motor Magnets – Ceramic Magnets for DC motors depend a lot of the application. It is always a balance between technology and price.

The steps needed to select properly the type and the shape of magnets that will go into the dc motor can be the following:

Type of the ceramic ferrite magnet:

Super Strong Ferrite Arc segment Magnets

         Strong Arc Ferrite Magnets For Motor

Magnetic density and resistance to demagnetization.

The magnets should often supply the highest magnetic strength to the motor in order to maximize the torque that will be produced.

Super Strong Ferrite Arc Magnets

             Ferrite DC Motor Magnet

A strong flux
Finally, the shape of the magnet has to be optimized in order to have the highest magnetic flux going between the rotor and the permanent magnets. A cylinder shape or sector shape is widely used in this kind of application.


strong arc ferrite magnet

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