Bass Driver Magnet AlNiCo

Type: Bass Driver Magnet AlNiCo
Samples: Available
MOQ: Depending on the size of the magnets
OEM Service: Yes
Shipping: Air, Sea, Fast Express
Payment: PayPal, TT, L/C
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Product Details

Bass Driver Magnet AlNiCo

Shape: Ring

Dimensions: Customized

Grade: Cast AlNiCo 5

MGOe: 5.4

Coating: None

Max Temp: 525°C / 977°F

Alnico Strong Permanent Magnet

         Bass Driver Magnet AlNiCo

Alnico is precipitation-hardened alloys requiring special heat treatment techniques. The raw materials used are Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Aluminum, and Iron. Titanium, silicon, etc. are added in certain proportions. The raw materials in their purest form are melted in medium frequency induction furnaces and castings are made using conventional sand or shell mold. 

The heat treatment consists of heating the alloy in the furnace to well above its curie-point and holding it at that temperature for some time. This is followed by controlled cooling after which the castings are reheated and held for a long period at a temperature of about 550ᵒC. This aging process increases the coercive force and the energy product. Finally, the castings are ground to obtain close dimensional tolerances whenever necessary and inspected for physical and magnetic accuracy.

Bass Driver Magnet AlNiCo


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Superior Quality:

Wal-Mart Factory inspection passed with strict production standard; Professional magnet and magnetic products manufacturer for more than ten years; 100% products fully inspection.

Core Technology:

With an advanced R&D   center, top-notch QC   team and professional machinists, we could provide the whole magnetic solutions for you with OEM Production solutions in China.

Competitive Price & Short   Lead   Time:

Mass production with high   production capacity, products   generally in stock, Lead time at most 15days   for mass production;   Production price is around 10% lower than other   supplier;

24-Hour Service:

Contact us any time and we'll   reply to your   email or fax within12 hours with information, assistance, or both;     Also Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Tango all is available;

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